Cop Steve (2592) says we smell moldy we told him its a mix of farts and bacon

Nice sunny day down here today at SBC. Malcolm’s longtime lost friend Eve showed up and we had a great chat about what we are up to. Shes in town doing aboriginal midwifery facilitating. Super powerful and interesting lady. We flowed her a setup for her stepson in Penticton c/o skull and ultimate dist. Fella’s gonna be stoked.

Had big ass eggs n bacy with Gurl 23. Talked strategy for the City in coming weeks so we don’t get bled dry befor this place gets going proper. Viking Rob checked in for his daily coffee and reported for doorman duty. Turned away 4 customers at least cause the kitchen was closed (as its been for a month and a half now). More great regular supporters here keeping the ramp going even in the sunshine. Peeps like the ramp in the sun cause they know it ll be pretty quiet and they can get lotsa practice in.

More inquiries about women’s camps and kids camps. Read about Ted talks and also about how the PHS board of directors resigned

Saw Mr. Jeff Cole from Skull Skates. Went and saw SOPHIA the magic Chinese-medicine lady who runs 2 offices nearby and does free treatments for people. Joined the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association.

Confirmed that missing person Lexi had been found alive and well.

Saw officer STEVE 2592 and recognized him from the TV show THE BET (Former journalist turned beat cop). Made tortellini for super, listened to metal.